About Clean Rooms Ability

Turnkey Clean Room Installation & Certification

Clean Rooms Ability is an engineering and design company that specializes in the design, build, and certification of turnkey cleanrooms installation, for various industries including medical device, pharmaceutical, electronics, life sciences, nano technology, automotive, aerospace, and start-up companies.

30+ Years of Experience

Our Sales Engineers have over 30 years of experience implementing complete turnkey modular cleanrooms. Clean Rooms Ability design / build includes working with your local construction trades such as HVAC, electrical, fire protection, and flooring systems.

Customers of Clean Rooms Ability are assured of the most technologically advanced cleanroom design, equipment, and materials, as well as a second to none customer service.

Having our own source of leading cleanroom manufactures and professional contractors to complete your project, sets us apart from many companies.

On-Site visit to review your project & take field measurements

Work with local trades such as, HVHC, Electrical, Fire Protection and flooring for turnkey Projects

Why Trust Clean Rooms Ability?

Building a rapport is paramount for the success of your clean room. Clean Rooms Ability believes in a collaborative process that will ensure your needs are met and nothing is left to chance.

Clean Rooms Ability serves Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and beyond