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Clean Rooms


Prefabricated components of modular cleanrooms offer the same benefit of a traditional cleanroom but are faster and more affordable to install and are easily reconfigured or expended to meet your facility’s changing needs. Additionally, our modular cleanrooms are not permanent structures, they are pieces of equipment that can be depreciated over 7 years, versus 39 years for commercial building structures.

Hardwall Panel / Door Options

  • Smooth Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Panels. Humidity resistance and easy to clean.
  • Clear, Opaque, or Black Acrylic Panels. The best scratch resistance and overall value.
  • Static Dissipative Panels. Recommended where static charges must be kept to a minimum. These panels also resist attraction of particles.
  • Polycarbonate Panels. Impact resistance panels and are better for environments where acids and solvents will be used.
  • uPVC Panels. Seamless, 100% Humidity resistance panels. Ideal for USP 797 Pharmacies and food manufactures.
  • Factory Mutual (FM) Approved panels.
  • Wall Panels Framing. Depending on the selected panel, the wall framing for the panels are anodized aluminum, powder coated aluminum, or painted steel.
  • Standard man doors, double door with removable header panel for equipment move, high speed roll up doors.

A modular softwall cleanroom is a flexible, cost effective way to create a clean environment. Softwall cleanrooms are durable, adaptable to your specific needs and expandable as your business grows.

We offer quick shipping for in-stock, standard size softwall cleanrooms in two weeks or less.


  • Walls – 40 mil clear vinyl around perimeter. Options includes anti-static vinyl, and 8” or 12” wide strip curtains.
  • Entry – 3’W strip curtain is standard in 40, 60, or 120 mil vinyl, with optional anti-static.
  • Framing – Anodized aluminum, powder coated aluminum or steel.

Flooring & Ceiling

125 PSF Load Bearing Work Platform

Your plenum deck can be turned into a 125 PSF load bearing work platform with flooring. Gain back your floor space of the cleanroom area with an added work platform.

Flooring Styles
  • Epoxy, seamless, vinyl, ESD and raised flooring
Cleanroom Ceiling Grid

2’ x 4’ Ceiling grid system with closed cell gasket. Factory gasketed or field applied.

2″ Heavy Duty cleanroom ceiling grid system.

1 1/2″ cleanroom ceiling grid system.

Cleanroom Ceiling Tiles

2’ x 4’, ½” Gypsum, vinyl covered with seal edges.

Cleanroom LED Ceiling Lights

2’ x 4’ LED Multi Voltage light fixture

Electrical & Add-ons

Prewired Electrical Package

Prewiring of the fan filter units, light fixtures, and duplex outlets, using modular wiring connections, to a panel for final connections by an electrician.

For smaller cleanrooms optional power cord can be added for a plug-in-place connection.

Airflow Control System for Fan Filter HEPA uni

Fan filter units are controlled individually or in groups, typically 1-4 units per address.

Fan speeds are set and/or adjusted from a console located outside the cleanroom without breaching the integrity of the cleanroom. Adjustments are possible by Individual address, Cleanroom Zone or Globally.

Room or equipment layouts with unique airflow requirements are easy to set and control.

Recalibration and balancing of rooms are simplified.

Fan Filter HEPA Units (FFU)

2’ x 4’ Fan Filter HEPA Units, 99.99% efficiency @ 0.3 microns. Several sizes and options available.


Wall and Cart Pass thrus are the best way to control cross contamination in a critical environment. Powder coated painted steel or stainless-steel construction. Safety glass viewing windows in doors. Standard sizes and custom pass thrus are available, such as adding shelved within the pass thrus, and a HEPA filtered pass thrus.

Architectural Stamped Drawings

Architectural stamped drawings are provided on our engineered drawings for the building permit process

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