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Clean Room Design, Installation, & Certification

Design & Build of Modular Systems

Clean Rooms Ability works with the customer to create a floor plan and map the ceiling height to determine how tall we need to build. We add those dimensions to an engineering drawing, similar to that of an architect, and proceed to the selection of manufacturers and installers.

Clean Rooms Design & Classifications​

Recirculating Design

Recirculating cleanrooms are ideal when temperature or humidity control is required.

Conditioned air inside the plenum space is drawn into the Fan Filter Units and the filtered air then passes into the cleanroom. Air from the cleanroom is forced into the return air grilles located in the lower wall sections and is recirculated up the return air chases within the walls to the plenum. Air is mixed with make-up air inside the plenum and drawn thru the Fan Filter Units again.

Once-Thru Design

Once-Thru Design is also known as single pass. Ambient air is drawn into the Fan Filter Units at ceiling level. The filtered air passes into the cleanroom and is transferred out of the room through grilles at the bottom of the walls.

Cleanroom Classifications

The classification of air cleanliness is determined by the number and sizes of particles allowed in the cleanroom, along with air changes per hour. The correct quantity of HEPA grade filters will be selected using air changes per hour, as the most effective method to achieve the desired ISO or US Federal 209 Class.

Federal Standard 209E
Air Changes Per Hour
1 No Equivalent 500-750
2 No Equivalent 500-750
3 1 500-750
4 10 540-650
5 100 430-600
6 1,000 150-210
7 10,000 50-90
8 100,000 18-35
9 No Equivalent

Modular Construction

Hard-wall clean rooms

Soft-wall clean rooms


Installation is a key aspect of clean rooms construction and it takes installers with dedication and drive to get the job done right. We only hire certified installers with proven experience

Clean Room Testing
and Certification

Clean Rooms Ability provides independent testing and certification of cleanrooms. Performed by expertly trained technicians, our cleanroom certification program operates in accordance with all cleanroom testing standards, including ISO International Standards, Federal Standard 209E, and USP-797 requirements.

Using state of the art latest equipment, and operated by qualified testing engineers, we offer the complete range of performance testing including:

  • HEPA Filter Leak Integrity Testing

    To ensure rooms are supplied with properly HEPA-filtered clean air.

  • Airflow Analysis 

    (Room Air Patter / Air Exchange Profile / Air Volume)
    To verify the air changes per hour (ACH).

  • Particulate Classification

    To verify and determine the ISO cleanliness levels of the rooms.

  • Room Pressure Differentials

    To determine the airflow directions between specified cleanrooms and the overall facility.

  • Data Mapping / Sample Site Identification

    To document the current data for rooms / areas tested.

  • Written Report

    Documents provided following cleanroom certification will include a summary of all results and the defined acceptance criteria for each test conducted, site specified test methods, drawings detailing the cleanroom layout showing the locations of test measurements, raw data collected, test certifications and calibration certificates for all test equipment used.

Why Trust Clean Rooms Ability?

Building a rapport is paramount for the success of your clean room. Clean Rooms Ability believes in a collaborative process that will ensure your needs are met and nothing is left to chance. 

Clean Rooms Ability serves Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and beyond